The Demographics of Canadian Columnists

Canadian columnists

The demographics of Canadian columnists are surprisingly white. A 2004 study by Ryerson University showed that only three per cent of the country’s journalists are non-white. Compared to the 95.9% of the population, that’s a very small percentage. Yet even when we take into account the number of non-white residents in Canada, the majority of columnists are white. That’s just not right. See this – Marc Kielburger

A Lack Of Diversity In The Media Is A Serious Problem

A study published in 2016 showed that 88.7% of Canadian columnists were white. That number is down from 92.3% in 1996. While the proportion of white Canadians has gone down over the years, non-white Canadians continue to make up a small minority of columnists. While the results were not representative of the national population, they do indicate that more diversity is needed in Canadian journalism. The following are some trends that should be observed in the workplace and in editorial boards.

A lack of diversity in the media is a serious problem. While there are a number of reasons for this, the most obvious one is that Canadian journalists tend to be white. Approximately 88.7% of Canada’s population is white. This is unacceptable. But it’s also an indicator of the lack of diversity among the nation’s journalists. The majority of major publications in Canada employ mostly white men. Most big-name columnists are in their 50s or 60s. The average age of a non-white Canadian was only 33.9 years old in 2016.