Child Care Ormeau

child care ormeau

The mission of the Ormeau Child Care and Education Centre is to provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment for the children and their families. It also aims at providing quality education in the Ormeau language to the people of the francophone province of Quebec. The centre offers child care services and educational programs for the entire family through different stages of their childhood. Some of the basic services provided at the centre include; nursery care, primary care, special needs care, post-secondary education for children, care for the elderly, and health services. Since this is a not for profit institution, every cent that is generated from the Centre is used for its charitable and public works.



The services of the centre are offered not only to the families and children who live in the Ormeau area but also extend to the communities surrounding the centre. There are schools and community colleges, which are affiliated to the centre. The primary objective of the center is to educate the francophone youth to become competent citizens in the future. The centre ensures that the students achieve academic and social equality.


The main attractions of the Ormeau Child Care and Education Centre are the various child care services and educational programs that are offered. Besides that there are also the wonderful and friendly environment that prevails here. The centre is definitely a great place for your kids to grow up in. Hence, I would really recommend the parents to get your child enrolled here!