Chimney Sweep – Sweeping Your Chimney

chimney sweep

A chimney sweep is someone who removes soot and ash from chimneys cleaning them. The chimney uses the force of a hot flame to produce a draft and draw fuel or air up over the open coals or burning wood in your home allowing continued combustion. In older houses, chimney sweeps can be hired to perform this work regularly as they are trained to access all areas.

Who removes soot and ash from chimneys cleaning


In many cases the chimney sweeps will use specialist apparatus that includes: electric brushes, wire baskets, and snake augers. Electric brushes can reach into the corners and crevices as well as inside the flue where it is usually blocked. Wire baskets can be used to sieve through ash while snake augers can remove small pieces of ash and debris stuck in crevices. Some of these devices require specialist training and others can be operated manually. However, a chimney sweep can often do the job himself using one of the above implements.

Sweeps can also lubricate and re-laminate creosote out of chimneys. Creosote builds up inside the chimney from soot and ash being burned off and also from people walking through with dusty coats and shoes. The creosote can sometimes damage flues and other parts of the firebox making it difficult for the fire to burn effectively. Therefore, the chimney sweep must go through the flue to make sure there are no blocked drains or holes in the chimney.