Does Medicaid Cover Detox? – 5 Top NYC Detox Centers

Is Medicaid covering detoxification at detox centers? The good news is there are excellent world-class detox facilities right here that accept Medicaid for detoxification treatments. In this particular post, I listed the topĀ  detox centers that accept Medicaid. Please keep reading, because in this article you will learn how to locate a quality detox center.

Boost Your True Life Detox With These Tips

The first on my list is called outpatient St. John’s Wort detox center. It is located in New York City and is run by Dr. Paulino Guellen, MS, PHD. In my experience, Dr. Guellen’s treatment method has been effective in detoxifying various patients, but especially addicts. He generally starts with a medical detox followed by a residential detox. In my opinion, he has done an excellent job with his medical detox and residential detox protocols.

Second on my list of top NYC detox centers is called Aspen Hills drug detox center. It is a professional medical treatment center located in Aspen, Colorado. Many addicts start their recovery at this rehab because they have tried other programs and still have not succeeded in their mission to leave their drug addiction behind. The treatment methodologies of Aspen Hills are unique, unlike any other drug detox centers, and I highly recommend this particular rehab to anyone who needs detox treatment. In my personal experience with Aspen Hills drug detox center, it has been one of the most effective programs in terms of effectiveness, affordability and speed in which the patient is treated.