How Inflatable Mechanical Pipe Plugs Can Benefit You

mechanical pipe plugs

A mechanical (or mechanical breakaway) plug is an individual type of plug usually designed for use with non-metallic (i.e., polyethylene) pipes. This type of pipe plugging ensures that the breaking of the pipe seal occurs at a low resistance, and then the plug breaks away when it comes into contact with the unfiltered pipe wall. Mechanical pipe plugs also prevent leaks in many kinds of pipeline maintenance and repair work. They allow the unidirectional flow of materials through their interior and can be reused multiple times if properly installed. Many businesses use them to prevent the occurrence of short circuits, which can lead to catastrophic failures in electric transmission lines, and other emergency electrical systems.

The Secret Of How Inflatable Mechanical Pipe Plugs Can Benefit You

When you are installing mechanical pipe plugs, you should be sure to select the appropriate diameter of the pipe that they will be used on. The diameter of the plug will directly impact the amount of pressure that the plug can exert on the pipe; as a general rule, the larger the diameter of the plug, the less amount of pressure it can exert before it breaks away. If you are using smaller diameter plugs, the pipe will have more pressure buildup inside of it before the plug is able to break free.

There are many different advantages to using inflatable mechanical pipe plugs. Because they do not require any sealing compound to seal them, these products can be used on any kind of pipe – flexible, rigid, or non-flexible. This makes them highly convenient and allows them to be placed wherever you need them, whether in a work area, on the floor, or in an area where it may be hazardous to put sealants on the pipe. In addition, because they come in a variety of sizes, you will be able to find one to match the specific diameter of your specific seals.