Love a Great Leggings? Buttery Soft Dye Leggings Is a Must Have

17 Dec    Products

tie dye leggings

Love a Great Leggings? Buttery Soft Dye Leggings Is a Must Have

Liven up your wardrobe with the chic addition of Buttery Soft Multi – Bold Tie Dye Leggings. These colorful and fun looking leggings feature a multi-colored swirl of hues that will really stand out anywhere you wear them. This whimsical style is perfect for work or play and they’re so comfortable! These leggings are made using cotton drawstring and stretch twill which give them the ability to be easily replaced when they get too dirty or torn.


Made in the U.S., these rainbow tie dye leggings come in one-piece for a professional look or two-piece with a zipper fly. The one-piece option is for a professional look, as it allows more flexibility as to how the leggings are worn. In addition, the one-piece set comes in a variety of fun colors and the two-piece set has a more conservative look. This fun, funky leggings are perfect for any occasion and they go great with a wide variety of styles and outfits.


The unique feature of Buttery Soft Multi Color Bold Tie Dye Leggings is the ease in which they can be worn. The smooth cotton drawstring and stretch twill construction ensure that there are no slipping, no hassle and that your leggings are soft, comfy and fun. They have a wide range of bright colors such as blue, green, fuchsia, orange and red. The bottoms feature a large assortment of bright colors as well.

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