Mortice Key Cuts

mortice key cutting

Mortice Key Cutting machines are used in homes, businesses and other buildings for a variety of purposes. The reason for the use is that there are many instances where people would want to gain access to a particular area or they may need to gain entry to a building by way of a window. In these cases a safe access system is installed around the window. These systems work by the use of a series of locks that are embedded in the glass and have to be unscrewed for the key to be able to be accessed. Mortice locks are typically located on internal doors, sheds, gates and other outbuildings for security reasons and require a small pocket (the mortice lock) to be cut in order to gain access.


Mortice locks require the use of a specific brand of security keys in order to gain access and it may take several visits to the supply store before you can have your locks changed or customized to suit your requirements. There are several companies that specialize in providing notice keys and key cutting services, and there are many advantages to using one of these companies for this task. These include the fact that they have been certified by the Security Industry Authority who will ensure that the company has been properly trained in order to ensure that the keys provided are of high quality and will not result in any security issues.


Many home owners choose to use these companies for their mortice key cutting needs as they can provide their customers with high quality and professional services at an affordable price. These companies are also able to customize their services in order to meet the needs of their customers and there is usually no minimum number of keys required for installation of these locks. These companies are able to do most types of locks and can generally be called upon to provide fast service with replacements and repairs as needed. It is important to understand that some locks need to be maintained and others may only require repair, so it is important to first determine what the lock is needing before calling on a company for assistance with mortice locks.