Traveling by Train on the Picatinny Rail in Australia

picatinny rail australia

The Picatinny Rail Australia is an amazing piece of old British technology, it was used as a railway in the 1800’s it was the original prototype for the modern Victoria line. The Picatinny Rail runs from south west Sydney to Bellingen, this beautiful line is made up of two sections. The South West Branch travels through the beautiful Sydney city centre and connects with the Picatinny Park station in Bellingen. The North West branch runs from Bellingen to Katoomba, and this part of the train is not actually part of the main line of the Picatinny Rail. The Picatinny Park runs along the same route but now it is connected to the Western Sydney Park and Epping.


The Picatinny Ridges is also known as the Picatinny Coast, due to the unique design of the curved roof. The first images that come to mind when you think of Australia are of deserts, wind farms and amazing scenery. That’s exactly what Australia is known for. The windswept coastline and sandy beaches are second to none, this is why this country has become world famous for their beaches. When you travel by train through Australia you will get a view of this stunning land from the deck of a passenger train.


There are several passenger trains that travel along the South West and the North West, so you will have many opportunities to take pictures of the fantastic landscapes. There are several tour operators that operate out of Sydney and surrounding areas, they offer transport to all the major tourist areas. Take a look at the pictures of the train before booking your trip online.