What Are the Key Points to Be Considered When Getting Into the Global Talent Stream?

global talent stream

What is the Key Points of the Global Talent Stream? Two-year minimum for processing Canadian work permit applications with a focus on highly skilled international talent. Dedicated, immediate and dedicated service for employers seeking to create significant new job-creating investment in Canada. Ongoing processing of more visa applications from more countries which require additional labour force experience to fill available positions.


The global talent stream VanHack was designed to attract global talent to Canada by matching them with jobs in Canada where salaries and benefits match what they would receive in their home country. For instance, if you are a highly skilled foreign worker with over six years of experience in Canada, then you should be offered a position in one of the following two categories: permanent resident or temporary foreign worker. In either category, you will be provided permanent residence as well as the right to work in Canada as a temporary foreign worker for a set period of time. Of course, being hired as a temporary foreign worker does come with certain requirements. To start with, you will need to have your own means to support yourself, find a job or start a business in Canada and prove to the employer that you meet their stringent immigration requirements.


As an applicant in this program, you will be required to meet the eligibility criteria of the global talent stream requirements for that program. These include having six years of work experience in Canada as a foreign worker or a candidate eligible for the economic program. If you do not meet these requirements, you may still apply as a temporary foreign worker but the process will take longer. In addition, employers applying under this program must be prepared to provide proof of their eligibility to sponsor a permanent resident or a person eligible for employment in Canada under the economic program.